Thursday, February 27, 2014

2 Un-legit

I am NOT a blogger. There, I said it. You know you were all thinking it! Yes, I have a blog. And it is super cute and does have some potential if I may say so myself. But if I were to call myself a blogger, it wouldn't be fair to all the real bloggers. You know, the ones who actually put time and effort into their blogs and make it a priority? Yeah that's not me. As much as I enjoy sharing my creativity. As much as I love taking and sharing photos. As much as I want to have lots of followers and influence peoples lives... It's just too stressful for me! 

I starting blogging because I enjoyed it. I loved having a record of my projects and showing off my crafting skills. I wanted to share my fashion sense, my life experiences and make friends. But as soon as it started getting legit followers the pressure began to be too much and it stopped being fun. People expected posts multiple times a week. I stressed about having quality pictures and quality posts. I took pictures because I had to blog about it later. Not because I wanted to. Not because I enjoyed it. 

I thought I could be a blogger. But I can't.   So I am going to keep my blog, but without any expectations. I'm going to post when I want to. Even if that's once a month or a few days in a row, or maybe not for a few months. I'm going to post what I want to. If it's all baby stuff, then it's baby stuff. If it's all boring stuff then it's boring stuff. And if only three people read I then so be it! I started blogging for me and I'm going to get back to that. 

So to all my readers, thanks for putting up with all my non blogger-ness. And I hope you continue to read my blog anyway. 

And to all you legit bloggers out there, bravo! Kudos to you for finding something you love and making time for it. And for the beauty, creativity, and general awesomeness your blogs contribute to the world. I admire you all! Also, I apologize for being a pretend blogger.

There. I feel lots better. 

Well, I hope to find time to blog again soon! After all, with a new baby and a new house, I've got a lot to catch up on. 

Sarah g 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 23

I am officially over the halfway mark! Thank goodness:) I am getting more and more anxious to meet our little guy and to be a mommy. Hopefully the holidays will make these last four months go by pretty quick.

I  am not only able to wear maternity pants. Thankfully I have a few for really good deals. I even got a pair of skinnies for $5 at old navy! Talk about a score. They are WAY more comfortable than I thought they would be.

In other news, I have decided a theme for my nursery and can't wait to share it with you guys! Post coming next monday:)

Happy October friends
Sarah G

Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini Ironing Board

I have a very small craft room, and a gigantor ironing board. And seriously, this thing is heavy. I think it was our grandmas? No doubt it's sturdy but extremely impractical. Especially because I am mostly ironing fabric squares or small things. 

So when I saw this in Pinterest, I knew I had to make it. I got two black TV trays for $15 at an online yardsale. Idk why I got both but she wanted to get rid of both so y not. I'll find a use for the other one. So here it is. In all it's scratched, used, glory just waiting to be repurposed. 
First things first, I needed some padding to go underneath the fabric. Wood is not a safe ironing surface right? So I took the ratty old cover off the previously mentioned awful ironing board and cut the foam to size. 
Dirty and old but it will work perfect for what I need. And seriously this thing would have been garbage other wise trust me. 

Next, I picked my fabric and cut it to size. I used a light upholstery type fabric because is a bit more heavy duty but I'm sure anything will work. 

I then folded over the edges and sewed an edging big enough to put some string through. You can opt for elastic but I didn't want to mess with it. Plus I didn't have any at home, and was anxious to finish it tonight. So, some sturdy twine was fine with me. 

Thread your string/elastic through the edge and tie tight in your table and wah lah! A foldable, hide able, functional mini ironing board. Perfect for a small apartment, town home, or mini craft room like mine. 

So happy I freed up some space and made something more convenient. You likey?
Sarah g

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pretty Peaches

My good friend Brenna is super woman when it comes to the kitchen. She bakes goodies and cooks the most fantastic meals. She can basically do anything. Unlike me, who has to take the batteries out of my smoke alarm it goes off so often.  But when she asked me if I wanted to can peaches I said, "sure! Buy me a box!"

So I got this giant box of peaches for just $20 bucks and we got to work. Te first thing you do is blanch the peaches in boiling water for about two minutes so the skin will easily come off. 
If you boil them too long they will cook the peaches. Which you don't want! 

Next, take them out if the boiling water and place in a bowl/sink full of cold water. Cut the peaches in half, peel off the skin with your fingers and then put and slice. 

Then you will want to place your peaches in a bowl with a mixture of sea salt, vinegar, and water. This keeps them from turning brown and keeping their texture. 
Make sure you keep all the skins and puts in a separate bowl. You can use them to make jelly/jam later. 

Then you will fill the jars with peaches. Make sure hat your jars are sterilized! You can boil them in hot water for a fee minutes and that will do the trick. 

Once your jars are full, full them with a mixture of your hot water and sugar. I'm not sure how much sugar to use, it depends on how sweet you want your "syrup" to be. I used Splenda in mine since I can't have regular sugar. Full your jars just past the top of the curved section of your jarleavin about 1/4-1/2 inch of space at the top. 

Using new jar lids, close your jars. You want to make sure the rubber on the metal lid is soft so I recommend letting them sit in hot water for a few minutes. 

Make sure the mouths of your jars are clean and dry before you put the lids on! You may have to wipe them down. Them place in a large stock pot of boiling water and cover. Once the pit is steaming, time for 20 minutes and remove. Allow to sit 24 hours before moving to allow proper sealing time and wah lah! Peaches. 
They turned out so pretty and so delicious! Now, I'm a first time canner so this post probably doesn't have all the details you'll want. Instead, use it as a nice overview along with an actual tutorial. 
I'm very surprised with how much I enjoyed doing this! And learned a lot! I also made jam but that was a bit more complicated. So if you're interested in making jam/jelly, do yourself a favor and find a recipe on Pinterest. Cause I'm sure I couldn't tell you how!

Have a peachy day!;)
Sarah g

Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY Gold Glitter Candles

Lately Tyler and I have been prepping for a big styles photoshoot up north. There have been a lot of details to put together and it has been stressful! I can't wait to see it all come together this weekend. We needed to add a little bit of good into our color scheme so we decided to do it with candles. 

You will need candles (obvi)....
Mod Podge and a food applicator sponge or brush, and a quality glitter. I prefer Martha Stewart but any kind will do. Just remember the smaller the specks the better the sparkle! 

Start by gently wiping your candles with a warm damp towel to remove any residue that might prevent proper adhesion. Then, paint on your glue in whatever patter. You like! 

I wanted a sort or ombre effect so I went around the base in an up and down motion in varying heights and smudged the Estes so they weren't sharp glue lines. 

Sprinkle with glitter, shake off the excess and you're done! If you'd like, you can do a layer if mod Podge over the finished glitter but I prefer to use a spray adhesive instead to really set it in without messing up your design. 

And tah duh! Sparkling beauties! Feel free to Mix colors or candles and glitter. You could really make these for any occasion or decor. Just get creative! 
I love how they turned out and it seriously  only took me about 15 mins start to finish.
So shine in readers and get your glitter on! 
Sarah g
(Ps my hands were covered in glitter, so I gave my dogs a good rub down. They look so sparkly and cute! The husband wasn't too happy though...!)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jewelry Box

After many attempts to solve my jewelry organization problem, or lack thereof, I finally bought a jewelry box. Here is a picture of my last attempt. Well, my last attempt before my not so attempt. If that makes sense. Until now I had them all organized in tupperwares. Ghastly.

This jewelry board I made worked fairly well except it took up lots of space, and was easy to let get out of hand. It was a tangled up mess, and not as effective as I had hoped. 

I have been searching and searching for a large jewelry armoir that isn't outrageously over priced or completely hideous. Surprisingly I found this lovely little box at DownEast Basics on sale and at an additional 30% off. I was surprised to find that almost ALL of my jewelry fit inside it. And now it sits on my dresser all organized and charming. 

 I keep a vintage teacup in the top to hold miscellaneous pieces and the key to the box

Don't my rings look lovely!?

The top drawer is divided into mostly small squares, the second drawer has three large spaces, and the bottom is one big drawer to hold my larger pieces. 

Who knew that most of my jewelry would fit in this little box? Why did it take me SO long to buy one? Oh, yeah, cause a lot of them are hideous. So you can be jealous of my lovely little box!
  Its so nice to have the majority of my jewelry all in one safe place where it's not going to get ruined. 

How do you organize your jewelry?
Sarah G

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Mommy Must Haves: AKA I need to save up my monies!

Preparing to be a mom is tough. Besides being pregnant and horribly sick, there are Dr. bills, clothes to buy, gadgets to invest in, and all sorts of expensive baby gear that I previously knew nothing about. Don't get me wrong I knew I needed a stroller and a car seat and what not. I just didn't expect there to be 3,5667 of them to choose from! Ok, thats an exaggeration but you catch my drift. There are safety ratings to consider, price (of course) and a whole slew of features and upgrades that I don't even know if I will want or need! So I have been doing LOTS of research. And by research I mean blog stalking and Pinteresting.

So far this is what I have come up with as my MUST HAVES! And I'm sure this list will grow with time...

Graco Pack 'n Play Play Yard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat - Rittenhouse
Obviously a Pack n Play is a necessity. But I don't like all the flowery, baby animal, ugly prints. My baby won't care what it looks like. I'm the one who has to stare at it in my living room all day every day. So this print is perfect. Plus its gender neutral so I can use it for our other kids if we have girls. It has a changing station, and a rocking, vibrating "Cuddle Cove" that is removable/portable. So awesome.
1.Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Adventure:Amazon:Baby
WubbaNub Monkey Pacifier2.Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag City Carryall Embossed Central Park North Stop Special Edition must have the gold!                                           3.

4.Bumbo- Helps support him while sitting upright. Very helpful.
Sophie the Giraffe Teether5.Fisher-Price Owl Rock 'n Play Sleeper : Target Mobile                                                                       6.

7.Bath organizer with padding for knees and elbows. Brilliant!       8.Kinda want to try this...Nursing night light attaches to moms clothes and creates soft glow light while breastfeeding / nursing. Also serves as a gentle vibration alarm if you fall asleep feeding, which i did so much! $19.99

1. Graco Key Fit 30 Carseat- great safety ratings, and I love that its extra cushioned and light weight. And again, I'm the one that has to be seen lugging this big thing around, so I like the grey and yellow. Not polka dots or something baby ish. Its an accessory for me, not baby G. Although I am very excited about an adorable cover.....
2. Petunia Picklebottom Diaper bag Central Park North Special Edition- I don't want to carry a diaper bag that looks like a diaper bag. I especially love the gold accents. This looks like a regular purse I would buy but with all the bells and whistles for baby!
3. Wubba Nub Pacifier Pal- The monkey is cute but I think I might want the lamb. I can't decide! Provides a softy snuggy for baby to love and hold and helps keep dropping the pacifier to a minimum.
4. Bumbo with Tray- perfect for 3 months and up til they are big enough for a high chair. I've heard these are excellent to bring baby in shower with you. (when you have no other choice of course) Shower is mom time right?!
5. Rock and Play- Napper, play chair and its portable! 
6. Sophie the Giraffe- Best teether toy around (or so I hear!) Plus its just too cute, and easy to sanitize.
7. Bath Organizer and Matt- This looks so convenient! Who  wants to kneel on tile? And I am especially looking forward to bath time with baby.  
8. Nursing Night Light- Clips to moms clothes and privides a soothing glow. Also gently vibrates to keep mom awake during feeding, which I am sure I will need. 

Anything I don't have listed that you think is a must have? PLEASE SHARE! This mom to be needs some  help people! Thanks for joining me for Maternity Monday! :)
Sarah G