Monday, July 25, 2011

BonVoyage Bridal Shower

SOOO my friend Lindsey is getting married and I was asked to help decorate and plan her bridal shower with her sister Jill. Who happens to be one of my bff's fyi. Anyway, we decided on a vintage travel theme because she is about to embark on a new chapter and journey in her life (I know, so clever!) Everyone pitched in and everything turned out beautifully. Enjoy, and be inspired!!

(Check in later for a how-to on these darling mini dessert stands)

Lots of vintage decor including handmade map platters, bottles and lamps. And Plenty of sweets of course! And don't forget the garland of oversized "stamps" pictured above. The party was a hit and definitely a sweet way to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

Thanks to everyone who lent a hand and their talents in helping with the food and the shower!

 And what bridal shower would be complete without a little lingerie!

Hanging from the chandelier, peeking out of the luggage, it totally added a retro pin-up vibe to the whole thing.

Congratulations Lindsey and Juddy!

photo cred: ME!! Thanks to my husband letting me borrow his camera. What do you think of my debut as a photographer??

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  1. Ah! Sooo cute! And you make and amazing photographer! ;D

  2. You took these pictures?!?! They are fabulous. You did a great job, that was the only thing I could focus on in this post for a while. I want a nice camera to take pictures sooo bad. You are darling and I love you