Monday, July 11, 2011

Damask Magnet Board

A few months ago my hubster painted an old frame yellow to match our bedroom. I've known exactly what I wanted to do with it since the moment he brought it home. So finally, here it is. My damask magnetic board.

   Old frame painted the color of your choice
   Sheet of metal cut to fit inside the frame
 (I got mine as scrap from a local steel company. They cut it to size and everything for half the price of a hardware store!)    
   Stencil (I chose damask)
   Spray paint (again, the color of your choice)

Step 1. (for those of us who aren't yet fortunate enough to have a cricket) Find your image you want to use as a stencil and print it off on cardstock. Remember not to pick one that is too intricate because you are going to cut it out with a box cutter.

Step 2. Cut out your stencil. Also pictured above.
Step 3. Lay out your sheet of metal and start stenciling! Make sure ur stencil is laying completely flat or you may get some overspray. You might need to tape it down.

 Continue your stenciling allowing time to dry between each image so you dont peel up the paint with your stencil and mess it up. 

Now, you're ready for some magnets. I finally found a use for those creepy man-head/busts....
I simply glued a magnet to the back and wah lah! They worked perfect!
The bottlecap magnets are vintage bottlecaps spray painted gold, filled with vintage jewelery etc, and then filled with a 1/4 " of craft resin. Once again, I just glued a magnet to the back. Vintage, and beautiful! And the heads are no longer creepy, they are "tasteful".

Dont U just LUV???!
I know I do:)
bLoG lOvE - Sarah G

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