Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pretty Door Decor

Good morning! So last night while I was making jewelery I came across a brilliant idea! You see, I have had these ugly babies for months. The idea is really cool, but the green felt backround just wasn't doin it for me.
25 cents for both at a local thrift store and I had to have them. The cameos are a little creepy (Mozart and Bach maybe?) but I completly adored the miniature framed sheet music. So I took them home because I knew I would find some sort of use for them. And last night I did. Here is my creation...

Tah Dah! Beautiful all season door decor! Its amazing what some hot glue, left over ribbon, and a few coats of white paint can do. The hook is an adhesive one I purchased at Walmart so there was no hole drilling in our (rented) front door. Just make sure you wait a few hours after putting up the hook or it wont hold anything and fall right off. Anyways, I think its definately an upgrade. Now I just have to figure out something to do with those heads...yikes!
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