Monday, August 1, 2011

A Pretty Place to Sit....And Craft!!

Since moving to a small town I have become even more crafty and creative simply because I need something to keep me busy. Right now we live in a small three bedroom house and because its just the two of us, we have the bedroom and then each of us get an additional room. My husband uses his as a photography/computer room/man cave. And I have been attempting to use mine as a craft room/dressing room. However, it seems to be a catch all for all the rest of our stuff that wont fit anywhere else and was quickly becoming an eyesore and source of stress for me! So I decided to do something about it.

Someday we will own a home and my two stipulations are that it must have a walk in closet in the master (every girls dream right?), AND I get to have my own beautiful laundry/craft room to do with what I please. But for now, even though were only renting this place for a few years I decided I deserve a place to de-stress and create. Here is what my room looked like BEFORE I started my renovations.  

Not functional at all and completely unorganized. My room is a work in progress so check back in for the big reveal later! But for now, here are some craft rooms I used as my inspiration. And ENVY!

craft room studio by Heather Bailey
*sigh* this last one is my favorite! And I believe every creative girl deserves a place to blossom!

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