Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sneak Peek

This craft room has come together soooo fast. We did most of it in just a few days. However, I'm still waiting to finish a few more things before I show you guys. I want it to be at its best! But for now here is a sneak peak at a few things in my room.

I found this chandelier for $10 at a yard sale. It was a dated gold color, but it still had ALL of its crystals and was functioning properly. So of course I bought it and transformed it into something beautiful. Here are the before and after pictures.

A very ugly before

And After!! *sigh* sparkly things make me happy. And good photos, thanks to my hubby.

Tah Dah!! Isn't it lovely? Gorgeous? Perfect? Yes, yes, it is. I used a soft grey because its a very versatile  color and will be easy to decorate any room, for when we have a baby, we move, yada yada yada...

Next I found these cabinet doors for 25 cents each and some crystal knobs at an antique store. The knobs were pricey but it was worth it when I have been saving money everywhere else. I decided to paint them black and add the vintage door knobs.

First I gave them a good cleaning with some lysol wipes. I then sanded each door so I had a good clean surface to work with.  I also had to culk up a few holes and sand it down. It was my first time doing either of those things and I think it was a success. After a few coats of black paint Hubby attached the door knobs and hung them up for me.

Not only do they look great as a decoration, but they are functional as well, coat hangers, keys, ribbons, anything that hangs. I love them and hope you do too.


  1. Dont you just love yard sales and cheap prices?! I looooove the doors they are so pretty:) NICE!!

  2. Love the door knObs. I am obsessed with knobs. Your stuff is super cute. Can we craft together someday ?

  3. i feel like it might be a blessing in disguise that we live so far from each other! cuz i am always refurbishing and making ugly old things new and i think if lived close we would never leave our craft rooms, we would always be together making things pretty! PS i like the slate gray color for the light super pretty! love you!

  4. Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing..keep it up!