Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Ghoul's" Night!

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. And you know how I love throwing a good party :) so of course I had to take advantage of the opportunity and get my girls together! We had food, costumes, fun music, and a spooky halloween craft. If you missed it, check it out it was a blast.

Everything we would need to make our craft project on display

There were lots of yummy goodies and sweets!


And David Bowie of course....lol

Now on the crafts. I asked every guest to bring their own clear glass jar to decorate, and I would provide the rest. We made scary terrarium display jars and it was so much fun! Everyone has different ideas, and vision, so it was fun to see what everyone came up with. I hope you're as impressed as I was.

 All in all, the party was a success! Thanks everyone who came, helped, and had fun:)


  1. OH man sarah im so BUMBED i missed it:( LOOKS like you guys had fun!!:)

  2. Really bummed out I didn't get to come =-( Looks like you guys had a blast! Glad it was a success - you are an awsm party thrower! Loved the pictures!

  3. David Bowie... hahahahhaha! How did you come up with that? You did awesome!