Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For the Garden Challenged

In case you didn't guess, my last name is Gardner, and fyi, I am a disgrace to my last name. I am terrible at gardening! I swear everything I touch dies(grr)! I recently told my husband that once my flowers in the garden kick the bucket I will be replacing them with fake ones from the dollar store. But alas, they must have heard me because they are clinging on for dear life.

So this post is for all you fellow bloggers who are also garden challened. Lately I have seen a lot of beautiful terrariums in magazines, online, etc. and I desperately wanted to make one. But as I stated earlier my plant knowledge is limited and garden skills even more so. Needless to say I had no idea where to begin. I began to scour the internet for tutorials and videos on how to make a terrarium and here I have tossed together the things that I found useful in my own little "terrarium tutorial" enjoy!

glass container of your choice
decorative pebbles (got mine at the $tore)
fresh potting soil(I used one with moisture control)
plants of your choice(make sure they have similar climate needs etc.)
Any additional garden bling you desire!

STEP BY STEP!!!(get excited people)

1. Choose and clean your glass. Remember, when picking a glass to not choose one with too small of an opening. Its already difficult enough!
2. Place your pebbles in the bottom of your jar at least 3/4 of an inch or more. The rocks act as a filter for any excess water. Also, if you have any decoritve rocks place them intermitantly as well. I used little plastic diamonds and irridescant marbles. Which ended up looking like bubbles. So cute!
3. Layer your potting soil and sand however you like! I misted each layer with a spray bottle so they wouldnt blend too much.

4.Arrange your plants and press into soil. Here is where the fool proof part comes in....
        When choosing your plants think of what kind of maitenance you are going to be able to provide. I picked desert plants that require little water and a moderate amount of sunlight. That way it basically takes care of itself.
        I would reccoment any sort of moss, cactus, or succulant! (if youre like me you have never heard of that last one. Basically it means its soaks up lots of moisture so you dont have to water it often)
        Now for my favorite part. I bought FAKE moss covered rocks and little woven balls to place inside along with my little jewels.  Because lets be honest, two plants is pushin it already for me. So you get all the beauty of a gorgeous florist made terrarium with less maitenance than trying to actually grow moss on rocks.

Ok I know you're dying to see the results....

I'm so proud :)

Pretty Door Decor

Good morning! So last night while I was making jewelery I came across a brilliant idea! You see, I have had these ugly babies for months. The idea is really cool, but the green felt backround just wasn't doin it for me.
25 cents for both at a local thrift store and I had to have them. The cameos are a little creepy (Mozart and Bach maybe?) but I completly adored the miniature framed sheet music. So I took them home because I knew I would find some sort of use for them. And last night I did. Here is my creation...

Tah Dah! Beautiful all season door decor! Its amazing what some hot glue, left over ribbon, and a few coats of white paint can do. The hook is an adhesive one I purchased at Walmart so there was no hole drilling in our (rented) front door. Just make sure you wait a few hours after putting up the hook or it wont hold anything and fall right off. Anyways, I think its definately an upgrade. Now I just have to figure out something to do with those heads...yikes!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Around the House

As I was bustling around the house today doing the usuals, (aka laundry, dishes, dancing around to girly chick music in my pajamas) I got to noticing how cluttered things were getting on our side tables. Too many things were collecting and just not looking great. So I decided to do something about it. Here is our chest/side-couch-table. My husband found the trunk at a swap meet for ten bucks, what a steal right? It fits perfectly in between our couches and holds all of our board games etc. on the inside. But lately its just been looking too blah...observe...
See what I mean? The coasters dont match at all, and our controller basket wasn't doing its job. Its a tangled mess. So I searched around my house to see what I could move, or repurpose to our little trunk table. And this is what I came up with.
I had this lazy suzan silverware holder from my wedding that I occasionally get to use for parties and such, but for the most part it sits empty on top of my cabinets. I pulled it out and put our remotes in it and walah! Perfect spinning organizer. Next I remembered a yard sale find that I had yet to find something to do with. A pair of gold framed mirrors that were just so adorable I had to buy them. I taped off the mirror, spray painted them white, and now they are small candle holders. I adorned them with inexpensive fish rocks (found at the $ store) and now they have a use too!
Next I simple switched out the orange and white coasters, for some square glass ones that my husband made for us and behold! Much much better. Ps my husband owns a glass shop so its cheap and handy! Often times you can check a local glass shop and see if they have some scraps if you need glass for a project. Usually they will do it at cost for you. IF they are as nice as my sweet hubby:) Moving on...

A while back my little sister bought us these adorable wine glasses that match our living room. T for Tyler, S for Sarah. So presh. But we dont drink wine, and forget we have them, so I wanted a place to display them. This tray was given to me by a friend who was going to throw it out and Im so grateful it is now mine! Perfect spot to organize our magazines, place my glasses, and utilize my other "candle holder"
And now my various magazines are no longer an eye-sore scattered beneath my coffee table. Yay for being organized! And all possible because of cast offs and household items. Feel free to applaud.

New Blog, New Post!

Hello anyone who is reading this, and welcome to my blog! This is my second attempt at blogging and it has been a long road already. Now that I've got it up and running, and looking very cute I might add, we should be good to go. I created this blog so that I can share my talents and inspirations with the internet world! Or at least the few of you who stumble upon my blog :) Bear with me and my typos, not so great pictures, and sometimes not well written posts. I promise you will find lots of pretty things, and get to know me through my creations. Thanks for joining me and wish me luck!
Sarah G