Friday, August 5, 2011

My Handy Man

Ok bloggy friends, I have been hard at work on about 5 big crafts...yikes! I've been going back and forth between them all so I haven't finished any of them yet. So that means #1 be prepared for an overload of posts within the next week and #2 I have to post SOMETHING in the mean time. So I'm going to "feature" my own husband! (tee hee) As you probably know by now he is an excellent photographer but he is also good at almost anything he does! Cooking, sports, games, anything. Which is frustrating and unfair sometimes but mostly I'm just proud :) anyways I wanted to show you how awesomely creative and talented he is by showing you the bed he made for us. Be prepared to be jealous....

I meant be jealous of the bed!! Come on guys! But you can drool over him too, I do ;)

Its completely made out of vintage doors. Complete with functional handles. Now, dont mind our unfinished bedroom were in the process of decorating it. Pics of that will be coming soon as well.

The coverlet is from Target and I made the pillows myself. And I'm no seamstress so it was difficult!
Our bed is amazing, and Tyler has made so many other awesome creations to make our house a home. I will post more pics later but for now, enjoy the beauty of our bed.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Literature for Your Coffee Table

I know this is my second post of the day but I cant help it, I'm officially addicted to blogging. My latest creation is a decopauged tray with pages from an old book. It all started with these...
Cute but not as multi purpose as I would like. Originally I mod podged them with maps for the Bon Voyage Bridal shower. But lets be honest, when will I ever use map trays? So I peeled off the maps so I could have a clean slate.

I'm sure you all have used mod podge before so I'll skip the how to this time and just present you with the final project.

I seem to be obsessed with trays lately. I'm running out of tables to put them on!

Vintage Groove

Today I am going to introduce you all to a jewelry line from making memories called Vintage Groove. Its ideal for us creative gals because its essentially a bunch of pieces and charms that you buy separately, then arrange however you would like! Awesome right? Super easy, and fabulous too! Check it out. Oh ps I modeled for them thats how I discovered it.

Amazing right? The videographer/photographer for this shoot was Nick Bayless. He is so talented and my husband and I have learned a lot from him. 

For all of you who are lucky enough to live in a civilized area (jealous) u can find her collection at Michaels craft store and at Good luck creating!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Pretty Place to Sit....And Craft!!

Since moving to a small town I have become even more crafty and creative simply because I need something to keep me busy. Right now we live in a small three bedroom house and because its just the two of us, we have the bedroom and then each of us get an additional room. My husband uses his as a photography/computer room/man cave. And I have been attempting to use mine as a craft room/dressing room. However, it seems to be a catch all for all the rest of our stuff that wont fit anywhere else and was quickly becoming an eyesore and source of stress for me! So I decided to do something about it.

Someday we will own a home and my two stipulations are that it must have a walk in closet in the master (every girls dream right?), AND I get to have my own beautiful laundry/craft room to do with what I please. But for now, even though were only renting this place for a few years I decided I deserve a place to de-stress and create. Here is what my room looked like BEFORE I started my renovations.  

Not functional at all and completely unorganized. My room is a work in progress so check back in for the big reveal later! But for now, here are some craft rooms I used as my inspiration. And ENVY!

craft room studio by Heather Bailey
*sigh* this last one is my favorite! And I believe every creative girl deserves a place to blossom!