Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Darling Dresser Drawers

Still working on my craft room and the progress is faster than I thought. But I dont want to post pics until its all done and fabulous! I have had this vanity for years and years and it has been great. 

My Mom spray painted it for my bedroom when I was 17 and it has stayed gold since and more than served its purpose.  We totally used it as a wedding decoration and it made for some fun pictures that I couldn't resist posting. 

While the gold was fun, it was getting sort of dindgy and wasn't really fitting in with the decor I had in mind for my craft room. Which also doubles as my make up and hair area fyi. So I painted it black and I love it! The drawers had ninja turtle stickers and crayon on the inside (from the previous owner! I always hated those stickers even as a little girl) so I decided to decopauge them with the rest of the book pages from my previous project. Here is how they turned out.

Sorry guys but no pic of the entire thing until the room reveal. 
Sarah G