Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lovely Cake Plates

Remember these....?

I've been busily crafting and havent had time to post a how to. So here it is!
I found these pretty cake domes at an antique/thrift store. They were actually some sort of a cheese set? Ugly. But the domes were beautiful so I had to purchase them! And at $5 a piece, how could I not?

I needed to find something for the base. I decided to use candlesticks. One was a tall ceramic, the other was a short glass one. I went to the hardware store in hopes that I could find a terra cotta pot plate that would fit under the domes. And I did, they fit perfectly!  So I spray painted them white and got ready to glue!
I went with a silicone sealant so that I could wash it safely and the glue would stay strong.
While I was in the process of making these I found some small white coat hooks that would be perfect for miniature stands. I had my husband cut the round top off so it would have a flat surface to glue to the terra cotta plate. This is how they turned out.

These gorgeous glass birds were my wedding cake topper, as well as my parents. Isn't it lovely? I like to display it anywhere I can.
 These are the stands I made out of those wooden coat hooks I told you about. The miniature stands definately add a new element to the display don't you think? I found this little guy at a thrift store as well, for free!!

Nothing like a little lace and rhinestones to finish the look. As you can see these cute homemade cake plates are not only functional for desserts, but for all sorts of decorating purposes as well.  As the holidays come and go it would be fun to fill them with creepy displays for halloween, or decorate it like a little snowglobe for Christmas. The possibilities are almost endless! All you need is a little creativity and some inspiration, which I have provided, so get going!

Simple, Elegant, (and eaaazy!) Chalkboard

My sister-in-law had a birthday coming up and I wanted to make something special and functional instead of attemptingthe to buy something that probably would never get used. And she appreciates the crafty stuff too. So I decided to make her a menu board for her kitchen. I started with this ugly gold frame I bought. The design was pretty but the gold made it look tacky. I started by giving it a light coat of white spray paint. Enough to cover it, but light enough that the gold would show through a little to give it some extra style.

Then I spray painted the glass with a basic black chalkboard paint. Three coats, let it dry and tah dah!

Isn't it fancy?! I'm In love and want my own! ps sorry I dont have any before pictures, I was in a rush to get it done before the partaay.