Saturday, October 8, 2011

For Your Little Man

I have two friends with new additions coming into their lives. Both expecting little boys. Through surfing the blogosphere I got inspired and found a few things I wanted to try. First, the mustache binki.

Super funny and cute. LOVE the "fu-man-chu". First sanitize the binkis in boiling water, then simply cut out felt mustaches and glue in place. Now your little man will look debonaire!

Next, the Bow Tie Onesies. This would have been rough to do on my own, but I used the tutorial HERE
They were a bit time consuming but they turned out completely adorable.

Great use of extra fabric, durable, washable, amazing! And Finally, the most useful item of the bunch. The Pee Pee Teepees. For when your little man starts workin on his aim and you DONT want to get sprayed in the face:) Again, completely washable, handmade, and durable plus totally functional!! Life saver:) I found the tutorial at this site.  Here are mine....
Functional, unique, inexpensive baby gifts that show u really care!(and have a sense of humor!)
til next time pretty sitters!
sarah g