Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally! A finished master Bedroom

The trouble with us DIYers is that finishing a project can sometimes take FOREVER because we keep collecting Ideas and trinkets etc. until we feel our project is finished. This is the case with our bedroom. It started with the bedspread, pillows, and awesome bed frame that my husband made. Since then Tyler surprised me by painting the bedroom, installing new handmade shelves on the wall (that he made from old dresser drawers) and redoing our nightstands. It turned out great. I added my collected decor and here is the finished project! (although I am still working on curtains)

Lovely isn't it? I'm a lucky girl to have such a creative and hardworking husband. Here are the shelves he made...

we moved our bulky dresser into the closet wich created so much more space! I added fabric into the back of them to tie them into the room. It really brings the color the wall and mades my decor stand out. Oh did I mention said hubby ALSO bought us a new hd tv and blueray player for the bedroom?? He spoils me.
I am currently working on a jewelry cabinet to hang on the blank space on the wall under the picture frame so stay tuned