Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweet Treats

As I'm sure you all know cake pops are the popular thing right now. Well they seem a bit too complicated to me so I tried something else. Oreo pops!
What you'll need
double stuff oreos
white chocolate chips
sprinkles of choice
and little wooden dowels or scewers

First melt your white chocolate (in a microwave safe bowl of course!) in thirty second intervals making sure not to burn the chocolate. Next, twist open an oreo, dip your stick in some white chocolate and press down into the oreo frosting being careful not to break the cookie. Replace other cookie, and let cool. Once all your oreos are on your sticks its time for the fun part! Dip and sprinkle! They were delicious and adaorable!

They were quick, easy, delicious, and adorable!!