Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Pretty Place to Sit....And Craft!! PART II

Remember when I decided to start re-doing my craft room? Think back. It was a looooong time ago. Well I have finally finished and gotten pictures of it. At last I have a pretty place just for me.  Ok so its been mostly finished for quite sometime now I just wanted to wait until I had all the details done before I took pictures.  So now the moment you've all been waiting for....

This yellow chair was a $5 yard sale find. And I re-upholstered this footstool that I've had forever.

I've always loved these built in shelves. It just took me a while to find cute ways to display my most used craft items. The boxes on the top shelf are cardboard boxes spray painted black with fabric  onto them. The paint caddy on the far right is a cardboard drink carrier from Sonic! (I know right?!) 

After a lot of Diy-ing and yardhunting this room finally came together. I love it. Do you guys? Ps I also have a fold out table for my sewing, machine thats hidden away in the closet. Its just the right height to set up beneath the built in shelves and move my chair over. I couldn't be happier!
sarah g


  1. It's so cute!! I'm so sad you had to move and leave this! I hope you can make one just as cute here. :)

  2. im so impressed with your re-upholstery job! that looks awesome!

  3. Love your work!!! You've got talent!!!!