Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Attention Shoppers!

Etsy shop will be up and running by next week. Wahoo! That is assuming I don't run into any technical errors. I am fulfilling my first order today for a baby blessing and am so happy that people are interested in my creations. I'll also take special orders so I will let u all know when Im officially in business. Until then, here are some pictures of my progress.

Getting all my fabric in order...

Preview of the Bow Ties

My very first order packaged and sent!

So as you know I'm keepin busy!
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Sarah G


  1. So I had a dream last night I was already there visiting you and you had the greatest wardrobe of all time. It was a pretty fabulous dream. I'm so excited for your little business! see you soon

    1. YES! Soon this dream will come true! haha AND Tyler is going to come up after all. See You SOON!!!

  2. Hooray!! :D I think I need a blue striped bow tie... For me. Can. Order that?? Oh!! Just had a genius idea for you! But I won't spill it here. Texting you!