Friday, May 25, 2012

Be Fabulous Friday

Slowly I am learning to dress for the heat while still being comfortable. Aka, not sweating like a man! I love my new eyelashes from WINK lashes. If you have never had eyelash extentions, u should get them. They make life so much easier. I never have to put make up on anymore, I just wake up and have movie star lashes. I highly recommend it. are some of my outfit highlights from this week.

Sunny days call for a nice shady hat!

Found these beauties at DI! They are so comfortable. AND I came across this black and white dress at a thrift store and sewed it to fit. I was happy to find that my new shoes matched my favorite cardi perfectly

I found this beige bag and striped shirt in great condition at DI the same trip that I got the pink shoes.
The bag may or may not be a bowling ball bag?? Idk but I love it.

Love me some comfy, cute, tees and a good belt.
What do you wear during the summer months?
Sarah G


  1. I love all of your outfits!! Wish I could always look that cute!

  2. Hi there! Stopping by from Gentri Lee's blog. Adorable blog! You are so creative. I'm looking forward to following your future posts.


  3. I am a happy new follower...I just love the blog!! Can't wait to see more :))

    -simply megan

  4. What the heck.... I thought I was following your blog WEEKS ago!! How embarrassing! Sorry :)
    Anyway, I saw those pink shoes on instagram and almost fell over. They are SO CUTE! I never find good stuff like that at the DI! Loooove your outfits!

  5. coming over from gentri's blog... you have great style! and i love how you made your pup matching pj's :)

  6. I found your blog from Gentri's BOW! Love your thriftiness! I need to be more like you with that