Friday, May 11, 2012

Oldness and Weekend Fun

As u know if you are following my fantastic blog (lol) I went to visit my family this weekend. It was so good to see everyone and go to some of my favorite shops. Of course I ran into some old friends BUT I also found some old hilarious photos of me. So here they are for your enjoyment. P.S.I promise to get on a more regular blogging schedule.

If you live in Utah and you haven't been to Dear Lizzie boutique and bistro in alpine/highland, U MUST GO! 
Everything there is absolutely beautiful and the environment is so fun. And they have these delicious drinks (pictured below) called a Dizzie Lizzie, I always get one whenever I go visit. Its some sort of cherry cream soda. Its to die for. 

The rest of my weekend was filled with relaxing with my family, the doggies, and digging through old family photos. Check out these gems!

I can't stop laughing! I'm so glad we have photos to document stuff. Hope you guys have all been having a great weekend and week.
Sarah G


  1. So cute. :) I used to work at Dear Lizzie... I know how to make those. ;)

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