Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Takin a Dip

After living in St George for two months I finally got to relax out by the pool. We have an indoor pool in my community but the outdoor is under construction until who knows when. So gentrilee, her roommate an I enjoyed the pool at her complex. It was the perfect day for it! Hot enough that the water wasn't too cold but not so hot we couldn't enjoy the sun. I also got in some good pool exercises ;)

Diet Coke, fresh polish and bare toes,and my favorite (and only) hat. Sunbathing essentials

Doesn't this water look perfect? It was SO refreshing.

This is my "I'm not a great swimmer so I'm tired from keeping myself above the surface" face

I'm hoping to get in some more sun/pool time more frequently. How are you relaxing on your downtime this summer?
Sarah G.

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  1. does this mean no pool time when we visit?! I guess I'll still come see you :)