Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thrifted Blazer

I am slowly getting better at sewing as my projects are getting more difficult. I found this awesome real striped blazer at a thrift store (surprise) that just needed a little tailoring. So I'm going to attempt to walk u through it.

First step was to take off the sleeves and start pinning! I pinned the sides in on the shirt, shortened the sleaves and took them both in.

After sewing the sides of the sleaves and the jacket the next step was to shorten the top because the shoulders were way too big. So I took that in about an inch and a half. The next step was to sew the sleaves back onto the jacket. I did this by turning one sleave inside out and putting it inside the jacket so the right sides were together.

After the right sides and seams are pinned together, sew around the circle and wah-lah they are attached. I then needed to hem the bottom of the jacket because it was way too long. But once I decided where it needed to be I realized I needed to move the pockets. So I gently used a seam ripper, took the pockets off and hemmed the bottom of the jacket.

I pinned the pockets back on, sewed them and wahoo! Finished blazer! I don't have a picture of it because I made it for my friend Gentri and I didn't get a picture of it on her. But let me tell you, she looked so adorable in it! Well, she always does but I just loved this jacket on her. Hopefully I'll get a pic soon!

I am definately no seamstress but I'm very proud of my latest acheivement! And maybe this tutorial will help you amateur sewers get a blazer with the perfect fit :)
Sarah G


  1. Aw! Thank you!! I'm excited to wear it! I was thinking we should be each other's photographer's for fashion posts. :)

    1. oooh good idea. That might prove to be a little bit difficult but definately a great idea. This weekend I've had my hubby here to take pics but other than that I'm all by my lonesome. And its tough to get good outfit pics.

    2. Haha! Why would it be difficult? Because of our schedules? Oh ya. Haha! It's ok, we can take pics on Monday's so you have them for Wednesdays. Plus, I love practicing my photography skills (I'm no photographer. But I like pretending)