Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Wear Wednesdays

I'm glad I decided to do this on Wednesday's not only because it's an awesome alliteration, but because Wednesday's are my least favorite day of the week. Right in the middle where u run out of energy from the start of the week but before u get the excitement of looking forward to the weekend. Cause let's be honest if u prematurely start looking forward to the weekend, the week just drags on. So a fun fashion post is jut what I need to get me happy in the middle of the week.

Yesterday I loved my outfit so I have decided to post it! I wore my dark blue jeggings underneath my favorite romper. Both from forever 21. A small thrifted belt and a top from H&M. As u know I just moved to St George, I am lds, and obsessed with cardigans. Needless to say I am struggling with the heat! I'm not a jeans and t-shirt girl so I'm having trouble putting together outfits that work but aren't plain. Feel free to give me tips and tricks for dressing for the heat while still being fashionable.
Hope u like
Sarah G

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  1. I LOVED your outfit and I LOVE your blog! You puppies are so adorable! Such a cute little family! So happy U decided to come to Saint George! I'm excited to follow you on here! I LOVE the way you decorate/craft and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow chair!