Friday, June 22, 2012

Polka-dots and Green

Lately I've been loving green. I think it might be my favorite color of the moment. I also realized, when I was giving my closet a much needed organizing, that I have a LOT of polka dots. Who knew? I didn't realize I loved them so much. This is my most recent purchase that helped bring me to the realization that I just love polkadots and green. Especially together!

I also realized I have lots of A-symmetrical tops too. This one is an a-sym top but u cant tell cause its tucked. But I promise its cute. AND that there will probably be another outfit post to follow.

I wore it with my new-to-me geometric necklace and sequin pencils skirt (from Downeast Basics). This is my favorite skirt I own by far because its long enough to be modest, sparkly, and its unbelievably comfortable! The waist band is thick elastic and the skirt is stretchy so it is pretty universally flattering I would say I mean look at my booty!(pictured at top) Right?!

Anyways, hope you all have been fabulous all week long and that you are lovin my fashion posts.
Sarah G
ps. My hair is growing out again. EEEEE:)


  1. Just so you know.. I don't own a single item with polka dots..

    1. How can you not? I love them! what about animal print?

  2. This is incredibly adorable and if you find the sequined skirt goes missing... well, it definitely wasn't me ;o) But seriously, I LOVE the skirt. Great outfit post.

  3. Great top and necklace! So beautiful.

  4. I'm so into this! Green polka dots? Love.