Sunday, July 8, 2012

Its About Time

Dear bloggers/followers. So, I've done it again. I have failed u at being a consistant blogger. Surprised? Probably not. Well I'm going to forgive myself and start afresh this week. But First!! A little review...Recently at Taylor Andrews (my place of employment) we had spirit week. So each day of the week was a different theme/dress up day. So lets pretend its "Be Fabulous Friday"....even though its sunday....

Exhibit A: Nerd Day
     Dressing like a nerd all day (in clothes I already owned I might add) made me realize something about myself. I am totally a dork. It is just much more noticeable when I'm dressed like one. Lets just say that outfit suits me better than I might have thought.

This is me and one of my coworkers Teddy

Yes those are my actual retainers, and I wore them all day. They even give me a slight lisp so it was great fun. Also, a fun little fact for you. Those are manatees on my shirt, not fat sea lions or whales, manatees. AND! I frequently wear that shirt out in public.
That night after work I went to the DI with GentriLee and got lucky with a new blouse. But more on that later. Then I went out to sushi with shay from Red Lipstick and Melodies and we had way too much fun to even describe. I'll give u the gist. Ichiban, sushi, asians, and laughter for about three hours. They were most likely sick of us. We were there so long that asians filled my dreams last night. And she got the treat of hangin out with my nerd alter ego. (No wonder we laughed right?)

Exhibit B: 80's day. This is me channeling Madonna. Red lips, loads of gold jewelery, big hair, fluffy white dress, fish net tights and boots. Plus a denim jacket (of course).

It would be so much fun to dress like this everyday. And I know some people do, but it was so much work! Maybe one day I'll have the closet and time to do it. But for now, I'm loving my style and the clothes I have. Although a girl can always due for more clothes ;)
Sarah G


  1. Oh Sarah, that outfit, that day.. We hung out, remember.
    Ha, of course you do. gees.

    Manatee Powers..

    1. hahaha I forgot about manatee powers. I'm craving that sushi again. So glad u introduced me to it. mmmmm asians. I mean...sushi...:)

  2. I love theme-y dress-up days! I tend to lean in an 80s direction when it comes to clothing. Cute post from a cute blogger!

    1. Thank u! I love dress up days too. I definitely go all out! Y not right? I have sort of an eclectic style, mixed with hints of granny. Who knows how to describe it lol