Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Liberty Park

I recently went to visit my family up in Utah County (pre fires) and got to spend some time with the fam damily. My brother and his wife live on the East coast and I hadn't seen them in over a year. AKA too long. Its an understatement to say that it was good to see them. We spent the weekend hanging out with old friends, shopping, and relaxing.

One day we decided to go up to Liberty Park in Salt Lake to peddle boat on the pond and check out the Tracy Aviary. I have been on peddle boats once with Tyler and we had a great time! I knew we would all love it too. I had never been to Liberty Park but it was so beautiful and full of fun things. A snack shack right in the middle next to retro carnival rides, the pond, the aviary, and beautiful trees and pathways everywhere! If you have never been there and you live in Utah, GO! Its a great Saturday morning/Sunday afternoon activity.

My sister Jennica and I shared a peddle boat and discovered a few things. One, ducks don't like popcorn, and two, peddle boats work much faster if you are going backwards. In case you ever need that info, you got it here!

At the time there weren't enough paddle boats for us all so my parents got the canoe. Above, my dad splashing anyone in sight and claiming that "Its the beavers, they're everywhere!" He's too funny. Oh Mark and Paula. XO XO Note: I don't call my parents by their first names I just thought you ought to know them. I'm not THAT disrespectful, geeze...

Just me enjoying a snow cone by the old school rides. My mom said that she used to come here and get the exact same snow cones and ride the same rides when she was a child. Its always fun to hear old memories and learn new things about your parents. I look a lot like my mother too so I especially like this picture. 

My brother Zack photo bombing, very excellently I might add, it looks like his wife is trying to take a bite out of his snow cone from afar! Too funny! My sister with some birds that I can't remember the name of right now, and my mom, me and sister in law cat enjoying the tasty frosted treats.

I just love that sweet little canary taking a bath in the birdbath. I wish I had a bath that elegant!

Me after getting pooped on. Because stuff like that always happens to ME!

AND my souvenir for the day. This adorable little guy is a container with hand cream in it. I named him Hootie PaTootie. And I love him. The end lol.

All in all it was a wonderful day with the people I love and I am glad I got so many good pictures to help remember this fun filled day.
Sarah G

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  1. Oh yes, I've met Hootie PaTootie in the flesh.

    That bird crap, gross.