Friday, July 13, 2012

Retro Glam

I have totally been loving this style trend and thought I would share my thoughts as well as my attempt to pull it off. The head scarf! First let me make sure you know what I'm talking about. 

While I fully love and understand the necessity for a scarf while driving ( I used to have a convertible) and I LOVE this look (so glamorous!) its not what I'm talking about.
Although I must say again, its so lovely!

I'm talking about these kind of scarves...

So Lovely and almost effortless! All you need is a square scarf. Keep in mind I am not a huge fan of Rihanna as a person, but I love the way that scarf is tied into a bow and lets be honest, she IS a total fashionista and talented singer. So she gets props from me anyway.
Here are my two fav tutorials on hair scarfs and how to achieve the look u want! Enjoy lovelies. 

1. Katie from skunkboy shares her tutorial on big voluminous hair on a beautiful mess
Dolly inspired hair tutorial
*sigh* she is so beautiful and fabulous, u must check her out!
2. Keiko Lynn shares her tutorial on the perfect scarf wrap 
here I recommend you follow her blog as well. uh. maze. ing.( and yes I'm aware I spelled it wrong. I did it for emphasis people!)

WELL...after seeing all of these beautiful, stylish, and confident women pull off this fabulous look...except for this pic I came across while googling....Whaaaa??

guys.....please don't do this...the bow is good, but don't pair it with a perm. In fact. Never EVER get a perm. Unless u are an old lady. Then its socially acceptable and totally understandable. Until then, just say no!

I decided I could for sure do it and rock it. I have had this scarf for years and years that I got at an antique store with my mom when I was a little girl and now I finally know what to do with it. Glad I kept it all these years. It was just so beautiful I couldn't get rid of it. Glad I didn't. Here are the results. I will definitely be wearing it more often.

I loved it! And surprisingly, so did my hubby! I will definitely be wearing scarves more often and I'm sure you'll continue seeing pictures. 
What do u guys think? 
Sarah G


  1. You are just too stinkin' cute! I love this style. Reminds me of the rockabilly/pin-up style. I love the photo you shared from Katie at Skunkboy. I really like how voluminous her hair looks. Such a pretty scarf you've saved for all these years. Gotta love great vintage!

  2. The scarf looks lovely on you. I definitely agree with the hubby, you should rock this look more. Adorable

    1. Thanks Bekuh! I totally love ur blog and outfits. I'm so flattered u like my look!:) U often inspire my outfits as well! Thanks for stoppin by:)

  3. i love it! it looks great on you. I love to wear scarfs in my hair, it really adds a funky look :Dxx