Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All That Glitters

So it's been a long time coming bloggers, but I feel as though I have entered the real blog world. I'm a big girl now! Professional, clean, design that is exactly as I imagined! For those of you that don't know me, I love anything that glitters! In fact, my nickname used to be sparkles. Even my wedding was full of bling and gaudy chandeliers. Observe...

I knew I wanted to incorporate the bling but I couldn't find the images that I wanted. So I decided I would draw my own! All the jewel sketches were hand drawn by me and I couldn't be more proud. They turned out exactly how I imagined them. What could be better than that right? NOW, to add in the color scheme. I had totally been loving these colors lately but didn't know exactly how best to incorporate them....

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

 I had an idea of what I wanted and I was excited to get going on it, but I knew I couldn't figure it all out on my own. I am not good with computers and I needed some help. Enter Paige...

From Pink Lemonade ....

She was great not to mention gracious! And affordable. She politely dealt with my demands and worked with me until we got exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend her if you need help designing your blog. I mean, just look at MY blog. Proof that she's amazing. Pop on over and see her work, you wont be sorry:)
Thanks for all the feedback on the new design!
Sit Pretty Lovelies!
Sarah G

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