Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hair Do's

Hello bloggers! And hello to a new week:) A little bit ago I got hair extensions. I know what you're thinking, it looks like it just grew over night! Well my friends, sadly I did not solve the mystery of hair growth. I simply cheated (gasp*!) an got hair extensions. Well it's been a while since I've ha long hair and I was struggling to find a cute way to put it up. So I have been experimenting and a few hair tutorials are sure to follow! But for now tell me what u think of the new do I tried. It took less than five minutes! Seriously it's true. Do u like it?


  1. Now you have to teach us how you did it! It's very cute and I'd totally wear it to work.

    1. Tutorial coming later this week girl! Its so easy I promise:) AND I want to see a picture of how u wear it once I get it up here.