Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Social #2 (for me anyway)

Its Sunday! Its beautiful weather here in St. George and I have had a wonderful week with some of my husbands family visiting, and my family who has been here the last three days. Its always fun to have guests, especially when its family.Hope you are enjoying your Sunday as much as I am and come join Sunday Social

1. What is something you have wanted to do but are afraid of?
Have children. Want them, but its so scary to think about!!

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully I will get over my fear I listed in #1 and have at least one child. Maybe even one on the way.

3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2012?
Halloween! Its my favorite holiday. Hopefully I'll throw an awesome party and people will actually come. Although I have no idea what I'm going to dress up as yet. Any ideas? I'm stumped.

4. What are your hopes for your blog?
I hope I get more consistent with blogging, and that before the end of 2012 (another answer to 2012)

5. Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city?
Yes, at least in the same area. We just moved to St. George and absolutely LOVE it.

6. What is your morning routine
Wake up at 7 and get ready for work. Eat breakfast on the go. Leave at 8. Stop for a diet coke on the way to work.

Sunday Social

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  1. love these answers - having kids does seem scary/overwhelming but when the time is right it'll happen. I always enjoy reading your blog so I hope you reach your goal of consistency. It's hard to live life and keep up with a blog. I'm impressed that you have time to stop for a diet coke in the a.m. on the way to work!