Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Daily Dish

Exciting news followers! If u live in Utah, you need to tune in to the cw30 Monday morning (September 10) at 9 am. I'm doing a segment on party planning on a budget:).

I have always loved planning parties. In the past, I have just planned parties for friends, family, and friends of friends, but it is definitely something I have always wanted to do! I would love more than anything to get hired and paid to do parties. SO this is a big opportunity for me to get my name and skills out there for people to see. And even if I only end up helping a few people plan parties on their own with my tips and tricks, that's fine by me!

I'm in charge of decorations, the theme, and party favors. So show your support and love by watching me on Monday!

If you are not able to tune in I will for sure be posting a link to the video ASAP after it airs live. So keep checkin in here.

Here is the sample invitation I put together for the TV network/promo. I am so excited and so nervous! Tell me what u guys think of the invite!? I could use some reassurance to calm my pre-show jitters!

Sarah g
Sit pretty loves!

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