Friday, October 5, 2012

Be Fabulous Friday #3

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I'm feeling fabulous today because I love my job. How many people can actually say that? I've had my cosmetology license for almost five years, and my instructors licence for nearly three. I have taught some classes here and there in salons, but I am finally at a school that I absolutely love!

I love my coworkers, my boss, and the students. I get so much joy and fulfillment from sharing my knowledge and skills. And I am a really good teacher, if I may say so myself. I am really proud of myself for getting a job at such an outstanding, high class school. I am happy to say that it is not just a job, it is where I want to be. I have reached one of my career goals! Thanks to anyone who has supported me on the way. 
Now what do you need some recognition for!? Cause we are all a little bit fabuous;)
Sarah G

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  1. Love it. :) I'm sure after a little while, I will miss being there. I'm still in the happy to be done stage. haha!