Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chambray, Chambray, Chambray! (FINALLY)

I did it! I finally found the perfect chambray dress! I've been looking for months and I found one for $20 at F21 (of course!) I had some major shopping success there recently. And h&m. For now I'm just going to brag about my perfect dress. This is almost exactly what mine looks like.....(I couldn't find an exact photo and I haven't taken full body shots yet (haha, body shots) so this is all you get)

Tah-Dah! I look great in it already huh? lol 

I paired it with my favorite pin and I took casual to classy. Its seriously my favorite outfit now. Leggings, boots, this shirt and belt, with my pin! *sigh*

I know you love it and I know you're jealous. Any tips for wearing chambray a different way? Clue me in!
Sarah G


  1. I can't wait to see full pictures! I've been looking for the same kind of dress but now I know where to look!

    1. I hope you find one! Its so hard to find the right fit, color, and price! They had a ton of chambray. Good luck girl!

  2. i LOVE it!! chambray is so cute and easy to match things with. I'm on the hunt for a good chambray shirt, so let me know if you find anything since you have such good luck!

    Also, the photos of you modeling in Gentri's blog are absolutely stunning! You look like a model for an anthropologie catalog. :)

    andrea brionne

  3. I love a good chambray shirt! Cute!