Monday, October 1, 2012

Gettin Spooky

In case you didn't know, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Its the best! I love all the fun parties, music, dressing up, and just the entire spirit of the whole thing. Although, I will admit I don't like being scared, AND  I don't dress up slutty. Maybe its cause I love everything fall. The clothes, the colors, the food. I think mostly the charm of Halloween comes from when I was growing up. My parents dressed up every year. And my house had more decorations than Tai Pan. Seriously. It was ridiculous. I loved putting on Halloween music and decorating the house, making themed goodies, and making my costume with my mom. We always had a really great time, pretty much the entire month of October. So in honor of it being the first day of October (even though the day is almost over and you probably won't be reading this until tomorrow (today?)) I thought I would do a post of all the things I am looking forward to doing this year, and crafts I hope to find time to make!

#halloween decor
Left: I want to bedazzle some pumpkins. I already have the jewels and bought the fake pumpkins. So hopefully this one will for sure get done!
Right: My mom bought me these really awesome skeleton candles. Now I just need to find some old candelabras to revamp to go with them. 

I also have some high hopes of making me some cute pillows for my front living room. Aren't these great? I found them over at the Chapman Place. There is an awesome tutorial and I'm definitely thinking of doing something similar...

I am going to make costumes for my puppies! Last year they were little bugs. The year before that Toulouse was "Lady Doga". Courtesy of my awesome mother!
I also hope to throw an awesome Halloween Party! If Only I had more than two friends I can think of to invite....*sigh* So Since all you wonderful bloggie friends can't come, you should look at the party I threw last year to feel involved:) It was a "ghoul's" night craft party and it was a blast! You can see it HERE

AND of course we can't forget about MY costume! So far no Ideas yet but I'll share a pic from mine and my husbands first Halloween together...

 We make a pretty cute waldo and wanda! Love my sweet man.

And yes, my husband won first prize at our own costume party. Go figure?! 

And of course toulouse as "Lady Doga"
I think this is the picture that inspired it??....

 I think my mom did an excellent job at capturing the gaga-ness Don't you?

So tell me, what are you guys looking forward to this Happy Halloween? 
xo as always!
Sarah G


  1. I'm super excited for fall and Halloween :D I love all of these Halloween themed pics, too cute!

  2. You are so great. I would totally come to your party! If I had money to drive there. :(
    Your decor is super cute and I can just picture it in your cute vintage cottage. :)
    Those costumes, so wonderful and lady doga! hahaha!