Monday, October 15, 2012

The "Always Get Your Man" icure

Yay Mondays!
Not really. Who really likes Mondays anyway... not me. Although it is nice to have a fresh start and a new week! Anyway this week for "Mani Monday" I wanted to do something sexy. I wanted to FEEL sexy. So my manicure is inspired by some sexy lingerie...

Because seriously, it's impossible to not feel sexy when wearing black lace right? 

And what man can resist nude and lace? NONE! So here is is, my nude and lace mani. AKA the "Always Get Your Man" icure.

Pick your accent nail, and polish with a matte nude polish. Paint the rest black

Using a toothpick, handpaint a lace inspired design! (I will be trying a different variation of this with actual lace next week!) Mine kind of ended up looking more like a doile. Still sexy though yes?

 It turned out pretty much how I wanted and I loved them! Don't you?
Sarah G


  1. This manicure is awesome! Definitely want to try it out, you have definite nail talent haha! Hope you're having a great day- at least its not still Monday!
    xo Hannah

  2. I LOVE it! Nude and black lace definitely equals sexy! Great job : )

    Love Always,

  3. Love this mani Sarah! Love the accent nail in nude (adore!) and lace detail! Such a clever twist, beautiful! :)