Friday, November 30, 2012

Be Fabulous Friday #7 AKA Be FESTIVE Friday!

This month I have decided to deviate from my usual link up and change it to "Be Festive Friday"! Exciting right? So all this month on the friday link up, I want you all to show us how YOU are being festive. Show us your December Decor, maybe you got all your xmas shopping done early, baked some delicious goodies, or simply show off a holiday outfit you love! The rules are the same...

1. Write about an accomplishment, daily task, or something exciting that has happened (or will happen) in your life that you deserve some recognition for. Remember, make sure it's festive!

 2. If possible, post a picture showing that accomplishment. 

3. Copy the "Festive Friday" button and place it in your post. Or copy the code and place it in your html.

 4. Link up your post here and spread the word! 

I'm feeling festive today because the entire month of December I can wear red and green to work! In addition to the blah of black, white, neutrals, etc. this is fantastic news! I have so much green! I can't wait! Here is an example of my fav green shirt from a previous post. And a pic of all the green and red in my closet...Not to mention jewelry!
So glad to add some color to the monochromatic side of my closet!

Why are YOU Festive and Fabulous!?
Sarah G 

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