Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here's to You

Today is my very best friend's 23rd Birthday! Yay! I love her so much and miss her like crazy and I am very proud to say that for her birthday, she is coming down to see me this weekend! All together now, "Hooray!" In honor of her I am going to dedicate this post to her and our friendship.

Meet Megan Bowen. A must read hilarious blogger at A Redesigned Mind. 23 (TODAY!). Broadcast journalist. Big shot producer of The Daily Dish at ABC 4. Bad A hairdresser. Hater of dogs. Lover of 80's music, and of me! And basically just the best friend a girl can ask for!

Not to mention she has an awesome husband. Its so great when you actually like your friends husbands. It makes everything so much easier. IE they can BOTH come to visit and we all get along and have a great time. So here's a shout out to you Bart Bowen (health teacher, runner, and ultimate Aggies fan), I approve of you. 

I luh you guys. Aren't they so freakin cute together? Anyways.... Heres a bit of our story. Although Megan is a much better writer than me (duh, journalist on our hands) I will do what I can....

We met on our first day of hair school. Pretty sure she instantly hated me. She was sassy, opinionated, and didn't take crap from anyone. While I was bubbly, overly nice, while also being somewhat opinionated. Not to mention her being rude to me didn't phase me at all and I killed her with niceneness. Which was probably even more annoying! Anyway, I'm not sure when the turning point was exactly but we became best friends and have been ever since. OH about....6 years now? We have had so many good times together. 

AND this song sums it up. Thanks T-Swizzle

Heres us at 80's night. We went EVERY thursday after we turned 18 for Idk how long!

Here we are with our other best hair school friend Shelby. Ps look at my virgin hair! SOOO long and lovely! I miss it :( ahem anyways... P.S.S don't judge our duckfaces. Myspace masters here...(hang head in shame)

This was on our first road trip together in Vegas. We're so gangster (more duck faces?!)

This was closer to the end of our hair school days. I think it might have even been her last day? Close to it at least. She graduated first. It was rough without her! The good days...

These two pics are from my apt in provo. We got ready to hot tub only to find it closed. so we had our own hot "tub". Oh being young(er) ha we were silly. And immodest. Don't judge people!

We stayed good friends despite distance and growing up, and she was one of my bridesmaids at my wedding:)

Then of course, I was a bridesmaid at her wedding!

 I also got to sing their wedding song to them at their reception. It was a big honor and I loved doing it! I was so nervous though, and I don't think I did too well, but either way I was glad to be a part of it. 

Here is one of our most recent pictures together. Not the best of me but I love it still because its us! I can't wait for her to come visit me this weekend (Bart too) and have some more adventures, memories, and photos to add to my collection. 

I love you Meg! Your my bff and our children will know of our friendship and know each other and many good things will come to us in the future that I am looking forward to! You're the best friend I could ever ask for. Love you lots!

Ladies, love your friends, and document every minute of it, because it goes by way too fast!
And check out my bestie over at A Redesigned Mind

Sarah G


  1. You are getting funnier and funnier every blog post! Parts made me LOL. I am so proud *tear*