Friday, December 7, 2012

Be Festive Friday #8

Alright bloggers, its time to show off and brag about your "Festive" accomplishments. Maybe you got your xmas shopping done early, baked some delicious goodies, or simply have an awesome holiday outfit to share! The rules are the same...

1. Write about an accomplishment, daily task, or something exciting that has happened (or will happen) in your life that you deserve some recognition for. Remember, make sure it's festive!

 2. If possible, post a picture showing that accomplishment. 

3. Copy the "Festive Friday" button and place it in your post. Or copy the code and place it in your html.

 4. Link up your post here and spread the word! 

I'm sure you all make gingerbread houses every year like I do right? Well, this year is my favorite house I have ever made! The Gardner family got together over Thanksgiving break and prepped for the holidays a bit early. Mine is a miniature church house and it is seriously so small! And I have my mother in law to thank because she graciously shared part of her miniature village with me. My husband even got into the spirit and made his own house. Check out his hand sculpted reindeer lovers.... what??? I know, he's always surprising me. How are you being festive this december?

Sarah G


  1. love this link up, such a great idea


  2. Your little gingerbread house is so cute, I haven't made one in years! Perhaps that will now be my rainy/ snowy weekend plan! Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  3. How wow! Friday came so quickly! SO sorry I forgot! I'll get a post up for tomorrow so I can link up!