Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Rumors are True, I've Been Featured

Readers....Meet Lori!
Isn't she darling? And Hilarious?
Lori is a friend I have made through the blog world. And if you guys haven't stopped by her blog, shes fabulous and you need to. Well, Lori does a weekly blog spotlight/sponsor and this week, I was the lucky one! Of course in true ME fashion, I forgot to put this post up with the link to it yesterday when she posted it. Whoopsie. But you guys can go check it out over at A Little Slice of Special

Now Meet Kyla! Her hubby Kevin, and her babe Hunter. Perfect fam huh? Anywho..

I am also being featured over on her blog Ford-Ology What the heck?! What are the odds they'd both feature me the same week! Well, I met Kyla at a blog get together and fell in love! But not creepily in love. Just blogger love. Which is ten times better and ok maybe a little creepy...? Anywho you must stop by her blog to check out my feature, and get to know her a bit cause Kyla and her family are just too cute! I will also be doing a feature on her next week so check back in.

I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season and that you all quit slacking and join my friday link up!
Sarah G


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