Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Goodbye Snowflake, Hello St. George!

Hey bloggie friends. So heres the news on the move. Tyler and I decided to move to St. George, Ut. and start a new business. Yay for adventure and being close to my family. Not to mention the beautiful weather and the fact that its civilization! Hallelujia! But heres the dete's, I dont have internet at home or a computer set up and probably wont for a while so for now, the blog is on hiatus. Sad face. I'm at the library as we speak. I do have good news however I am working on an exciting new project and can't wait to post the pictures when we get settled. Also I'm going to start taking custom orders for baby onesies. I'm also working on a design for little girls. So I'll keep you all posted. Until then...!