Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Matters

Hello followers! I am writing this post from my parents house in Utah county and it's so great to be here. One of the benefits of living in St George is that it's a mere four hours away from where I grew up and where my family and friends still live. Hooray!! So last night I packed my bags and me and the dogs went for a road trip. My dogs LOVE going for "rides" in the car. If they hear you even say the word they start freaking out with excitement. Observe their joy.

So until Monday people! I will be busy enjoying my family:)
Xoxo Sarah g

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tiny Treats and Things

If u follow me on instagram (@sgsingsalot) you have probably already seen most of these pictures. But for those of u who don't I had to show off a bit! Im just loving making these mini accessories for the dollhouse. Check it out


mini Frame and Table decor

Tiny Treats and desserts. Made of beads and buttons of sorts. who would have thought they would look so much like desserts! More to come later i promise although these things take a little longer than you would have think
xo sarahg

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I Wear Wednesday

Ohhh Kaaayyy ladies and maybe a few gentlemen who read my blog. I have decided to do something new! I love fashion and putting together new outfits, however I dont feel like I have enough noteworthy outfits to post one EVERY day. So my wednesdays are now going to be my fashion day. Yes? Yes. I'm thinking maybe "What I Wear Wednesdays"? Input peeps! Hopefully I'm not taking that alliteration from someone elses blog? Not as far as I know so if I am its not intentional and I'm open for ideas. So here we go. My first What I Wear Wednesdays post.

The other day I had the glorious opportunity of hittin the town square my girl gentri lee. We had a blast and got some fabulous pictures. Which you can see and read about on her blog with the link above. And because gentri is so fashionable I took some extra care getting ready to make sure I was up to par ;)

Do you love? Because I absolutely do! I've always loved red and blue together but I decided I needed to be a little more bold and throw some color in.

 So my new green necklace from H&M did the trick. I added some lipstick and nerdy chic glasses and tah duh! High fashion. I'm having so much fun switching up my closet a bit and trying new things and I'm looking forward to many more fun outfits like this.

Thanks for tuning in!
Sarah G

Monday, April 30, 2012

Miniatures in the Making

Since fulfilling my so far lifelong dream of building a dollhouse I had discovered how fuhreaking expensive it can be. A mini furniture set can be a few hundred dollars. What?! I know. So I have been making my own miniatures. Well accessories at least. I'll have to scour eBay and yard sales until I can find what I need. AND it's killing me that I can't jut buy everything and finish it all at once. But it seems I will have to work on it when I have some spare money. However I am very happy with what I have made so far...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Newest Project! Be excited people!

Since moving to a new place and starting a new job I has had a lot of things to do ( and no Internet). But now I have Internet, and nothing to do! Because I work in the evenings. So I've been getting to know St. George, working out a lot, and crafting of course. One day on a trip to DI I found this ugly dollhouse just waiting to get redone. It was only four dollars! What?! I know so I bought it and got to work. Here are some before and after pics. Obvi I'm not done yet but progress I worth sharing! I've been having a blast making miniatures and decorating the rooms. But more on that later. U guys could use some anticipation right ?!

Xoxo Sarah g