Friday, July 13, 2012

Retro Glam

I have totally been loving this style trend and thought I would share my thoughts as well as my attempt to pull it off. The head scarf! First let me make sure you know what I'm talking about. 

While I fully love and understand the necessity for a scarf while driving ( I used to have a convertible) and I LOVE this look (so glamorous!) its not what I'm talking about.
Although I must say again, its so lovely!

I'm talking about these kind of scarves...

So Lovely and almost effortless! All you need is a square scarf. Keep in mind I am not a huge fan of Rihanna as a person, but I love the way that scarf is tied into a bow and lets be honest, she IS a total fashionista and talented singer. So she gets props from me anyway.
Here are my two fav tutorials on hair scarfs and how to achieve the look u want! Enjoy lovelies. 

1. Katie from skunkboy shares her tutorial on big voluminous hair on a beautiful mess
Dolly inspired hair tutorial
*sigh* she is so beautiful and fabulous, u must check her out!
2. Keiko Lynn shares her tutorial on the perfect scarf wrap 
here I recommend you follow her blog as well. uh. maze. ing.( and yes I'm aware I spelled it wrong. I did it for emphasis people!)

WELL...after seeing all of these beautiful, stylish, and confident women pull off this fabulous look...except for this pic I came across while googling....Whaaaa??

guys.....please don't do this...the bow is good, but don't pair it with a perm. In fact. Never EVER get a perm. Unless u are an old lady. Then its socially acceptable and totally understandable. Until then, just say no!

I decided I could for sure do it and rock it. I have had this scarf for years and years that I got at an antique store with my mom when I was a little girl and now I finally know what to do with it. Glad I kept it all these years. It was just so beautiful I couldn't get rid of it. Glad I didn't. Here are the results. I will definitely be wearing it more often.

I loved it! And surprisingly, so did my hubby! I will definitely be wearing scarves more often and I'm sure you'll continue seeing pictures. 
What do u guys think? 
Sarah G

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Liberty Park

I recently went to visit my family up in Utah County (pre fires) and got to spend some time with the fam damily. My brother and his wife live on the East coast and I hadn't seen them in over a year. AKA too long. Its an understatement to say that it was good to see them. We spent the weekend hanging out with old friends, shopping, and relaxing.

One day we decided to go up to Liberty Park in Salt Lake to peddle boat on the pond and check out the Tracy Aviary. I have been on peddle boats once with Tyler and we had a great time! I knew we would all love it too. I had never been to Liberty Park but it was so beautiful and full of fun things. A snack shack right in the middle next to retro carnival rides, the pond, the aviary, and beautiful trees and pathways everywhere! If you have never been there and you live in Utah, GO! Its a great Saturday morning/Sunday afternoon activity.

My sister Jennica and I shared a peddle boat and discovered a few things. One, ducks don't like popcorn, and two, peddle boats work much faster if you are going backwards. In case you ever need that info, you got it here!

At the time there weren't enough paddle boats for us all so my parents got the canoe. Above, my dad splashing anyone in sight and claiming that "Its the beavers, they're everywhere!" He's too funny. Oh Mark and Paula. XO XO Note: I don't call my parents by their first names I just thought you ought to know them. I'm not THAT disrespectful, geeze...

Just me enjoying a snow cone by the old school rides. My mom said that she used to come here and get the exact same snow cones and ride the same rides when she was a child. Its always fun to hear old memories and learn new things about your parents. I look a lot like my mother too so I especially like this picture. 

My brother Zack photo bombing, very excellently I might add, it looks like his wife is trying to take a bite out of his snow cone from afar! Too funny! My sister with some birds that I can't remember the name of right now, and my mom, me and sister in law cat enjoying the tasty frosted treats.

I just love that sweet little canary taking a bath in the birdbath. I wish I had a bath that elegant!

Me after getting pooped on. Because stuff like that always happens to ME!

AND my souvenir for the day. This adorable little guy is a container with hand cream in it. I named him Hootie PaTootie. And I love him. The end lol.

All in all it was a wonderful day with the people I love and I am glad I got so many good pictures to help remember this fun filled day.
Sarah G

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Its About Time

Dear bloggers/followers. So, I've done it again. I have failed u at being a consistant blogger. Surprised? Probably not. Well I'm going to forgive myself and start afresh this week. But First!! A little review...Recently at Taylor Andrews (my place of employment) we had spirit week. So each day of the week was a different theme/dress up day. So lets pretend its "Be Fabulous Friday"....even though its sunday....

Exhibit A: Nerd Day
     Dressing like a nerd all day (in clothes I already owned I might add) made me realize something about myself. I am totally a dork. It is just much more noticeable when I'm dressed like one. Lets just say that outfit suits me better than I might have thought.

This is me and one of my coworkers Teddy

Yes those are my actual retainers, and I wore them all day. They even give me a slight lisp so it was great fun. Also, a fun little fact for you. Those are manatees on my shirt, not fat sea lions or whales, manatees. AND! I frequently wear that shirt out in public.
That night after work I went to the DI with GentriLee and got lucky with a new blouse. But more on that later. Then I went out to sushi with shay from Red Lipstick and Melodies and we had way too much fun to even describe. I'll give u the gist. Ichiban, sushi, asians, and laughter for about three hours. They were most likely sick of us. We were there so long that asians filled my dreams last night. And she got the treat of hangin out with my nerd alter ego. (No wonder we laughed right?)

Exhibit B: 80's day. This is me channeling Madonna. Red lips, loads of gold jewelery, big hair, fluffy white dress, fish net tights and boots. Plus a denim jacket (of course).

It would be so much fun to dress like this everyday. And I know some people do, but it was so much work! Maybe one day I'll have the closet and time to do it. But for now, I'm loving my style and the clothes I have. Although a girl can always due for more clothes ;)
Sarah G