Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The 4th and The 24th

Happy 24th of July Utahans! And everyone else too. In case you don't know, the 24th of July is a holiday celebrating the founding of the state and the Pioneers who came across the plains to settle here in the Northwest. Since this month has been crazy busy here, I missed my 4th of July post! So I'm doing a recap here to celebrate the 24th. Especially because it's a cold rainy day here.

The 4th of July was my first performance with my band Windfall at a block party. They have been playing together for years and basically grew up together. They were in need of a new singer and bam, they got me! I've been having a blast practing and performing with them since this, but we really had a great time and Gentri got some great pics for me! (thanks girlxo)

Top left to right: Me singin my heart out, My shorty mic with the others, some 4th decor from my sweet mother-in-law, my "firework"-esq pin, and me pre-show!

Sean groovin on his bass. Totally rockin it. He is such a riot! That is one thing I love about this band, all the members have such great personalities and they are all so different

See what I mean?

What good is a show without friends to support it? Lucky for me I have made some good ones:) I can't tell you how great it feels to have people to support you and show u some love. So we had our own little afterparty. Observe...

Aren't these ladies lovely? I love them!  Gentri and Kelsey! Oh and me in the center
 We are pro at ugly faces. Agree?
 Gentri and I are the shorties on the outside of Kelseys long legged beauty

We ended the night with fireworks, good music, and of course, these fun photos. I'm so grateful for my country, my family, my friends, and the freedom we have here in the good ol USA! God Bless america and thanks to all those who bravely serve our country.

Especially my own brother Zack. I love you! Thanks for your hard work and dedication! 
Sarah G