Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Delights

I always get a little ambitious when the holidays roll around. Well, any holiday really, I have so many things in mind that I want to do! Decorations to make, gifts to buy (and diy!), and recipes to try. And as always there is never enough time. HOWEVER.... I have decided to make a list all the same. So here it is, my Christmas To Do list.

I am absolutely obsessed with this. I think it would be adorable not only for Xmas, but for regular decor. I am vowing to make it this year! Cross my heart!!! I'm thinking with burlap in a frame? Maybe?
Glittered Reindeer print c/ojustdaisydreaming

diy xmas - glitter reindeer

I know these don't look like Christmas decorations but picture them as a nativity of Christ, the star of Bethlehem, sheep, etc etc. I think it will be a lovely addition to the mantle that I don't have/will one day have. Yay or nay?
DIY frames!
c/o poppytalk

I love how a little tulle and lace can transform these ordinary xmas lights into something elegant, don't you?

c/o hayseedhomemakin

Last year I attempted to make an ornamant wreath and let me tell you it was an EPIC fail! But this looks slightly easier so I am hoping I fair better this time. And now that I live somewhere it doesn't snow (halelujiah!) I'm not worried about the peppermints melting. Can't wait to see this on my front door
Peppermint Patty Candy  Wreath. $45.00, via Etsy.
c/o pinterest

What are your ambitions this holiday season? Worthy of sharing! Post in the comments below lovelies!
Sarah G

Friday, November 30, 2012

Be Fabulous Friday #7 AKA Be FESTIVE Friday!

This month I have decided to deviate from my usual link up and change it to "Be Festive Friday"! Exciting right? So all this month on the friday link up, I want you all to show us how YOU are being festive. Show us your December Decor, maybe you got all your xmas shopping done early, baked some delicious goodies, or simply show off a holiday outfit you love! The rules are the same...

1. Write about an accomplishment, daily task, or something exciting that has happened (or will happen) in your life that you deserve some recognition for. Remember, make sure it's festive!

 2. If possible, post a picture showing that accomplishment. 

3. Copy the "Festive Friday" button and place it in your post. Or copy the code and place it in your html.

 4. Link up your post here and spread the word! 

I'm feeling festive today because the entire month of December I can wear red and green to work! In addition to the blah of black, white, neutrals, etc. this is fantastic news! I have so much green! I can't wait! Here is an example of my fav green shirt from a previous post. And a pic of all the green and red in my closet...Not to mention jewelry!
So glad to add some color to the monochromatic side of my closet!

Why are YOU Festive and Fabulous!?
Sarah G 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Skulls and Chevrons

If you know me, or even have looked at my blog design, you must know I am a girly girl. I love anything sparkly, delicate, and feminine. Needless to say, skulls have never really been my thing. That being said, I actually found a blouse that I fell in LOVE with at DEB the other day. 

It's so cute right? Even my husband likes it! Well, not at first but once he saw how cute it was on he changed his mind. And that adorable chevron necklace? A steal! Two for four dollars. So I got these and some cute new earrings. 

And bonus, I can wear it to work! (black and white) This may be my new fav piece in my wardrobe.
Any good buys/finds lately friends? Do share!
Sarah G