Friday, January 4, 2013

Party Like It's 2013

Thats right its 2013. Which means:

1. I have been with my hubby for 3 years. (married for two but together three and I like to count that!)
2. I am almost 23 (what??crazy)
3. Its goal setting time!

New years goals are always hard to fulfill because I get so ambitious at first, then fail to follow through.  This year there has already been a lot of negativity going around. People are deciding that they never follow through with their resolutions anyway so why bother making any! Well, I think that is just..well.. lame! And an indicator that you aren't setting your goals in the right way. At a work meeting today my boss talked about setting goals and taught us this...

A goal is a desired outcome
Desired- Something worth having or seeking or achieving.
Outcome- The result of taking action

There are 3 Elements of Goals:
1. It has to be challenging but reachable
2. It must be quantifiable/measurable
3. Needs to be associated with some sort of timeline

So think about that as you are making your goals this year. It might help you to set better goals, and to reach them easier! Now onto the fun stuff about new years!

We celebrated by inviting some of our friends Woody and Rachel over for a small get together and midnight breakfast. We played games, talked and laughed, and obviously ate a lot of breakfast food. The breakfast at midnight tradition is one my MIL Marsha has done for years. And I just loved the idea and wanted to start it up as our own tradition. It was a hit!

There were Gluten Free waffles, oj, bacon, regular waffles, cinnamon rolls and lots of delicious toppings of course.  Although unfortunately for me, I did not get to partake in any of the goodness due to a new health program. (More on that in a later post) But I did enjoy making the food and of course the good company.

After our midnight breakfast we decided to have some fun with sparklers and take some pictures. I think they turned out great. We probably would have taken a lot more had it not been so cold. 

Aren't these two adorable? I mean sparks are flyin with that new years kiss right? lol All bad jokes aside, we are so lucky to have met them and found some good friends here in the St. George area. 

I hope your new year was merry and bright!
Sarah G