Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kitchen Clutter

I don't know about you but my pantry is a catchall for anything you can eat. Meaning, anything edible just gets stuffed in there. There is no order to it, it's pure chaos. One day I would love to have a beautiful pantry such as these...

 *sigh* a girl can dream right?

However, we are only renting and will most likely only be here for a few more months, so spending time and money to do something extravagant at this point would be pointless. And not very smart. But I just had to do something!
Yeah its bad, embarrassing, etc. 

 So I got in my car and went to Michaels to see if they had any cute baskets. Not only did they have baskets, but they were all 50% off!? My sale senses must have been tingling or something because it worked out perfectly. I got about 12 baskets of varying sizes for less than $100! Steal for sure. 

The first thing I did was take everything out and put it into categories on my counter/anywhere in the kitchen that had enough space. I threw out anything that was expired and got rid of anything I knew we would never eat. I then cleaned all the shelves with clorox wipes and whatnot and began sorting things into baskets. The result was great!

Tah duh!!! One. Million. Times. Better!! Aren't the baskets perfect? They fit just right.

Having the different sizes makes it easy to categorize things. For example, I have a lot more baking stuff, than vinegars/sauces. So it only makes sense to have different sized baskets right?

I also love the color. They are simple, clean, and can easily fit into any decor when we move and they get a new pantry for a home.

Having the different baskets makes cooking and snacking a breeze! I have a basket just for sandwhich fixins (as pictured), one for snacks, and one that has everything we need to make spaghetti (my husbands favorite). It is so convenient and no longer a source of stress every time I open the pantry doors.

I also found these chalkboard labels for real cheap at Michaels. I haven't finished making the labels yet but I couldn't resist posting my progress! So you will all just have to be patient until then. 
I hope I inspired you to get organized!
Sarah G


  1. Looks soooo cute! Very organized and classy :)

  2. ummm i am totally jealous of your pantry!! so cute! love the baskets. also i'm in love with that first pic, i'm now convinced that i NEED to paint our pantry door with chalkboard paint. our pantry is so itty bitty in comparison!

  3. SO cute! I love how it turned out! Can't wait to see it with the labels

  4. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! Way to go girl! Totally love it. I will have to bookmark this post so I can remember for when I go to organize my pantry.... Someday :)