Monday, April 8, 2013

A Pinterest Success Story

I have these super cute jeggings from American Eagle that have been sitting in my "needs mending" drawer in my craft room forever. Well I finally got around to fixing them! When I first bought them they had these neatly ripped holes in them but as I continued to wear them they were no longer nice fashionable rips. They were homeless status holes. Unacceptable right? So I searched Pinterest and found a tutorial on how to add lace to the back of the holes and what do you know it worked!

Before: Too hole-y to even wear

STEP 1: Choose your lace and a dark fabric to overlay the lace. You can even use some denim if you like. I chose a dark navy and cream lace to match the fade on the jeans.

STEP 2: Cut to size and pin the lace to the backing then sew. You'll want to do this first so that the fabric wont shift beneath the jean as you're sewing.

STEP 3: Pin in place and sew! 

Tah duh! Much more modest, and more adorable don't you think?
To check out the tutorial I used go HERE
as always,
Sarah G


  1. Seriously, NO JOKE! Just the other day I was thinking about doing something like this but I couldn't quite figure out how to make the lace not all the way see through and didn't think to put a layer underneath it so it's not completely see through!! YAY! I am gonna have to try this in the near future for some of my jeans I was wanting to add holes to!


    1. Your pants turned out great by the way! :)