Monday, April 29, 2013

Fancy Pants

Today I am posting about my latest, and new favorite, purchase. We all love leggings right? Well, I definitely do. Especially at a job where I have to dress professionally in black and white. I am always on the lookout for a good pair of leggings. My favorite places I've found that have the best are GenX (surprisingly) and TjMaxx. My last trip up north to see my family I found theses babies...

And a new purse too (Steve Madden, only $30) Oh Tj's you never fail me...

I love that they are high waisted! And the gold detail buttons are fantastic!

See, just look how happy I am in them. I am on my way to work and it happens to be color night. If I were to wear these pants on a regular day I would probably pair it with a colorful blouse and booties or sandals. But for work I have to look a bit more professional.

And best of all...NO granny butt! Which can often be a problem with high waister's. My hubby hates them but I adore my new fancy pants. They are SO comfortable but look so professional. I can't wait to wear them too much! I need some suggestions on how to wear them, so help me out friends!
Sarah G


  1. I love those pants and they look so good on your body! I don't know it I would be able to pull them off!
    Almost Endearing

  2. So so cute!! You look beautiful. :) Hmmmm I like them w the plain tshirt because it keeps them from being too dressy. If you want to dress them up, try them w a button up but it might be fun to wear a more "rocker" style tshirt w them! Get that dressy/ casual opposition going. I love a good outfit like that. :)

  3. This is darling Sara! You are too cute :) Love the high waist and the gold buttons! And I love TJMaxx, I worked there for a little bit haha.

  4. Those pants are quite fabulous and professional attire that's still fun can be tricky to achieve.

  5. what a super cute outfit, I wish I could pull of pants like that!