Monday, August 12, 2013

My Big Fat Old Recipe Book

This recipe book has survived a lot. As you can see, pages are torn, stuff has been spilled on it, the covers are missing. At one point, the cover had the burnt imprint of the stove rings on it! I'm actually quite sad we lost that part...

 At the Stevens' house we all had a good time putting my mom through the ringer about being a bad cook. Yes there were occasions when the kitchen was filled with smoke, fire was reaching for the ceiling from the stove, and piles of burnt ash were found on cookie sheets. But the truth is, despite a few misteps along the way, my mom is a fantastic cook. 

This is the recipe book that has withstood it all. Handwritten recipes from my grandma, my mother, friends, neighbors, all sorts of goodness. The best of the best is compiled in this pile of ruined, barely bound, paper. And all of us kids are fighting over it!

So, I did what any OCD blogger would do and decided to take it upon myself to type up ALL the recipes and put it into a book. And you better believe I underestimated how much time it would take. Its been about 6 months and I have finally finished compiling and typing all of the recipes. Whew! 

It took me a while to pick the fonts that I liked but I think I did pretty good. I wanted it to be legible, cute, but classic all at the same time.

Behold the ginormous stack of recipes....

I think the hard part is over. Now, just proof reading, binding, and then I'm done! This has been a major project but I know its going to be a great gift and treasure for all of us. Now to just decide the cover art....
How do YOU keep all your fav recipes organized?
Sarah G

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  1. What a neat idea! BTW are you in a Red River commerical? I just turned on the tv and a girl that looks just like you was giving a testimonial!