Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY Gold Glitter Candles

Lately Tyler and I have been prepping for a big styles photoshoot up north. There have been a lot of details to put together and it has been stressful! I can't wait to see it all come together this weekend. We needed to add a little bit of good into our color scheme so we decided to do it with candles. 

You will need candles (obvi)....
Mod Podge and a food applicator sponge or brush, and a quality glitter. I prefer Martha Stewart but any kind will do. Just remember the smaller the specks the better the sparkle! 

Start by gently wiping your candles with a warm damp towel to remove any residue that might prevent proper adhesion. Then, paint on your glue in whatever patter. You like! 

I wanted a sort or ombre effect so I went around the base in an up and down motion in varying heights and smudged the Estes so they weren't sharp glue lines. 

Sprinkle with glitter, shake off the excess and you're done! If you'd like, you can do a layer if mod Podge over the finished glitter but I prefer to use a spray adhesive instead to really set it in without messing up your design. 

And tah duh! Sparkling beauties! Feel free to Mix colors or candles and glitter. You could really make these for any occasion or decor. Just get creative! 
I love how they turned out and it seriously  only took me about 15 mins start to finish.
So shine in readers and get your glitter on! 
Sarah g
(Ps my hands were covered in glitter, so I gave my dogs a good rub down. They look so sparkly and cute! The husband wasn't too happy though...!)


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