Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jewelry Box

After many attempts to solve my jewelry organization problem, or lack thereof, I finally bought a jewelry box. Here is a picture of my last attempt. Well, my last attempt before my not so attempt. If that makes sense. Until now I had them all organized in tupperwares. Ghastly.

This jewelry board I made worked fairly well except it took up lots of space, and was easy to let get out of hand. It was a tangled up mess, and not as effective as I had hoped. 

I have been searching and searching for a large jewelry armoir that isn't outrageously over priced or completely hideous. Surprisingly I found this lovely little box at DownEast Basics on sale and at an additional 30% off. I was surprised to find that almost ALL of my jewelry fit inside it. And now it sits on my dresser all organized and charming. 

 I keep a vintage teacup in the top to hold miscellaneous pieces and the key to the box

Don't my rings look lovely!?

The top drawer is divided into mostly small squares, the second drawer has three large spaces, and the bottom is one big drawer to hold my larger pieces. 

Who knew that most of my jewelry would fit in this little box? Why did it take me SO long to buy one? Oh, yeah, cause a lot of them are hideous. So you can be jealous of my lovely little box!
  Its so nice to have the majority of my jewelry all in one safe place where it's not going to get ruined. 

How do you organize your jewelry?
Sarah G

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