Monday, September 16, 2013

My Mommy Must Haves: AKA I need to save up my monies!

Preparing to be a mom is tough. Besides being pregnant and horribly sick, there are Dr. bills, clothes to buy, gadgets to invest in, and all sorts of expensive baby gear that I previously knew nothing about. Don't get me wrong I knew I needed a stroller and a car seat and what not. I just didn't expect there to be 3,5667 of them to choose from! Ok, thats an exaggeration but you catch my drift. There are safety ratings to consider, price (of course) and a whole slew of features and upgrades that I don't even know if I will want or need! So I have been doing LOTS of research. And by research I mean blog stalking and Pinteresting.

So far this is what I have come up with as my MUST HAVES! And I'm sure this list will grow with time...

Graco Pack 'n Play Play Yard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat - Rittenhouse
Obviously a Pack n Play is a necessity. But I don't like all the flowery, baby animal, ugly prints. My baby won't care what it looks like. I'm the one who has to stare at it in my living room all day every day. So this print is perfect. Plus its gender neutral so I can use it for our other kids if we have girls. It has a changing station, and a rocking, vibrating "Cuddle Cove" that is removable/portable. So awesome.
1.Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Adventure:Amazon:Baby
WubbaNub Monkey Pacifier2.Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag City Carryall Embossed Central Park North Stop Special Edition must have the gold!                                           3.

4.Bumbo- Helps support him while sitting upright. Very helpful.
Sophie the Giraffe Teether5.Fisher-Price Owl Rock 'n Play Sleeper : Target Mobile                                                                       6.

7.Bath organizer with padding for knees and elbows. Brilliant!       8.Kinda want to try this...Nursing night light attaches to moms clothes and creates soft glow light while breastfeeding / nursing. Also serves as a gentle vibration alarm if you fall asleep feeding, which i did so much! $19.99

1. Graco Key Fit 30 Carseat- great safety ratings, and I love that its extra cushioned and light weight. And again, I'm the one that has to be seen lugging this big thing around, so I like the grey and yellow. Not polka dots or something baby ish. Its an accessory for me, not baby G. Although I am very excited about an adorable cover.....
2. Petunia Picklebottom Diaper bag Central Park North Special Edition- I don't want to carry a diaper bag that looks like a diaper bag. I especially love the gold accents. This looks like a regular purse I would buy but with all the bells and whistles for baby!
3. Wubba Nub Pacifier Pal- The monkey is cute but I think I might want the lamb. I can't decide! Provides a softy snuggy for baby to love and hold and helps keep dropping the pacifier to a minimum.
4. Bumbo with Tray- perfect for 3 months and up til they are big enough for a high chair. I've heard these are excellent to bring baby in shower with you. (when you have no other choice of course) Shower is mom time right?!
5. Rock and Play- Napper, play chair and its portable! 
6. Sophie the Giraffe- Best teether toy around (or so I hear!) Plus its just too cute, and easy to sanitize.
7. Bath Organizer and Matt- This looks so convenient! Who  wants to kneel on tile? And I am especially looking forward to bath time with baby.  
8. Nursing Night Light- Clips to moms clothes and privides a soothing glow. Also gently vibrates to keep mom awake during feeding, which I am sure I will need. 

Anything I don't have listed that you think is a must have? PLEASE SHARE! This mom to be needs some  help people! Thanks for joining me for Maternity Monday! :)
Sarah G


  1. Ooo I LOVE this subject! First of all you know i love petunia pickle bottom so good choice! And the bumbo is awesome! And I just barely bought sophie for Maxwell and its such a great teething toy/squeaker toy and he is in love with it.
    Things I LOVE are Aden and Anias swaddle blankets - especially for our saint george heat. They are lightweight and wonderful. I love Sassy baby diaper sacks for yucky diapers on the go. They are scented and you can toss the diaper inside them. Also good for messy clothes. They have saved my life so many times!
    H&M has really cute bandana bibs right now. I love them for a slobbery baby and they are also so adorable! My moby wrap or any wrap really is so wonderful for days babe is needy and I need to get things done. Also great for walking around at festivals, theme parks etc.
    A recent discovery of mine is sun bum sunscreen face stick. It smells like bananas and rubs on like Chapstick and its SO handy for kids and babies!

    Get a good nursing cover that covers you all the way around not just the front. (I like that best at least.)
    American Apparel Diaper covers are my favorite for summer. Ikea kids dishes and utensils... and on my wish list are freshly picked moccasins and little mr button on bow ties.

  2. The ONLY thing I think... ehhhh not really is the nursing light. I learned that nursing both sides every time was the best way for Miles to get enough to eat and then I didn't have one swollen side. You spend a few more minutes nursing each time, but then they don't feed QUITE as often which means less middle of the night feedings for you :)